Wave World® distributes unique products that are enhanced with AR experiences. Wave World aims to leverage Augmented Reality (AR) as our backbone to set ourselves apart from competitors while also providing multifaceted products. Our products embody both present and vintage fashion trends that have dominated the streetwear industry for decades. Not only are we providing first class clothing, but we are pioneering the digital fashion industry through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality leverages device cameras to overlay virtual objects into reality in order to deliver immersive and engaging experiences. This functionality is commonly used to display face filters; however Wave World takes it one step further to augment 3D animations over products for an interactive, customizable, and unique experience.

Wave World derived from Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves where through the movement of multiple masses in orbit a large ripple force of gravitational waves can be created. The gravitational waves that Einstein references are similar to Wave World vision- for individuals to leverage the Augmented Reality platforms such as "Symspace" to express themselves creatively and inspire change. By touching upon both fashion and tech cultures that consist of individuals striving to innovate, change, and develop their environment. Wave World's goal is to shed light on “waves” occurring throughout the world, which are essentially global movements; hence, wave world. So who are you? Do you Follow or Lead the Wave?